Limited works of art

Get an artwork by Rui Lopes on fair terms.

Freshen up your home with a high quality work of art or make someone happy.

There is the possibility of selected works, to acquire this as unique.

Available in different sizes and materials.

assembly Instructions

Standard suspension

Clean the surface before assembly. Remove the protective film from the hangers and attach the standard hangers to the back of the picture. The suspension approx. 10 Press for seconds and 30 Wait minutes, Before you hang the picture. Next, as a spacer, the transparent elastic buffers are glued to the wall picture. Now you can the picture, depending on the wall, hang up easily with two nails or screws.

Profile suspension

A quick and easy way, to mount your picture on the wall.

For that you need, depending on the nature of the wall, only two nails or screws on which you can hang the rail.

Do you want a gallery look, then we recommend the rope suspension system. You chop the end of the rope with a hook under the rail, you fasten the other end, depending on the wash on the ceiling or the wall.

Screw bracket

For an impressive fastening we recommend the screw bracket which needs four holes in the wall. On the front of the picture, the screw heads are screwed onto the housing. This wall mounting system makes the heads visible on the front of the painting.

Stretch canvas

In case it happens, that the canvas tension will subside at some point, you can readjust with the wedges provided. All you need to do is tap the wedges into the holes provided and the canvas is retensioned.

Professional suspension for canvases and shadow gap frames

Two corner hangers are included, 10 Screws and four felt pads. First mount the two suspensions in the upper corners using the screws provided. The four felt pads are glued to the corners of the canvas. Now you can with two screws (not included in the delivery), depending on the nature of the wall, hang up the picture.